Helping businesses and families plan for what's next

Are all financial advisors the same?

We don’t think so.

Most financial advisors claim they can cater to everybody at every life stage and situation. After all,  it’s an appealing selling point to say you can help everyone. However, at Hill & Associates Wealth Design Group we take a take a different stance. Rather than appealing to everyone, we focus on working with more specific niches:

1. Business owners nearing or entering the succession phase.

2. Families planning for their next life stage – Retirement.

Retirement Strategies

To provide peace of mind, maximize tax planning opportunities, and help you avoid mistakes.

Wealth Management

We help you create the right strategies for your lifestyle.

Estate and Succession Strategies

For you and your business.

Custom Wealth Strategies

We ground our process in your happiness and enjoyment, understanding that designing a custom wealth strategy is an event that should inspire you.

Our appreciation for your individual needs, vision, and lifestyle allows us to design a wealth blueprint as unique as you are.

Ensuring your estate is Well Prepared


When asked to be an executor you may have to attend meetings with up to 17 different professionals in order to carry out your duties. And many times, each professional is working independently of the next. Working as a CEA – Certified Executor Advsor, we can help executors by providing them with knowledgable guidance in completing their duties to settle an estate.

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Well Advised Winter 2022

Well Advised Winter 2022

When's the best time to invest? The year that just ended demonstrates how different investors can react to the same market conditions. Starting in early 2021 and well into summer months, stock markets surged overall. some people wondered if they should boost their...

Well Advised Winter 2021

Well Advised Winter 2021

HOW DID YOU REACT TO MARKET VOLATILITY? When your investment program was established, you answered questions that helped determine how much risk you were able to tolerate. You had to imagine how you would react to a significant loss in portfolio value. But imagination...

Sharing CPP (and/or QPP) Retirement Pension Benefits

Sharing CPP (and/or QPP) Retirement Pension Benefits

Couples receiving pension income have two possible options to adjust their taxable incomes and reduce their total taxes. Pension income splitting One option is pension income splitting where spouses can, jointly elect to report up to 50% of their spouse’s...

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